Saturday, January 26, 2008

Post 85

I haven't just been sitting around. After my last convention I felt I needed to get a few things together to be a bit more professional. Here's the swag I've gotten during and since the con.

1. New business card, overnight prints, put the two sides together and it makes one big image.
2. Postcard front, glossy, nightcrawler with black borders on side.
2a. Postcard back, mock postcard set-up, with my contact info.
3. Card case, came with number 4 for free.
4. My other business card, not as high quality for the print, which is why I did number 1. But the overall design of it was good in my opinion.
4a. Back of the card, went for a classy black and white design.
5. Cully commission...over 5 years of waiting...EXTREMELY WORTH IT!!!
6. Dana's sketchbook-chock full of awesomeness. Dana really has a lot of great sketches and needs to start on some sequentials soon, with inks, colors, the whole nine yards. It'd be a shame to waste that talent.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Post 84

I felt like designing a higher grade business card. This is not the final version, you have to run into me for that, but this is what the sides look like joined together. I did a business card a couple weeks ago, but the print job was only 'okay.' Granted, I got a TON for my money, but I wanted some to give to fellow professionals. The others will be great for giving to con-goers and such. For this batch, I went with overnight prints because I love the results I've seen from friends (Sam, Jake, and Luan).

Anyways, hope you like it, and the next cons I'm attending are Staple! in Austin, TX, and NYC Con.