Thursday, October 16, 2008

Post 227-Help me regain #1!!!!!

First off, and most importantly, with today's update we lost a step and went to #2, from what I can figure, a lot of people I've talked to have not been hitting "Favorites" on the side panel when you're reading our comic. Let me tell you: Votes, the 'star' ratings, and favorites (underneath the stars it says 'add to favorites'...all these count, and can help us win!!!

Here's a helpful set of instructions for voting created by the awesome Doug Wagner:


I need you to sign up (it's free and they keep your info safe) and vote "FAVORITE" for Hammer Sound. The rating isn't as important as getting more "Favorite" votes.

  1. Pick a User Name without any underscores, spaces, or periods. For some reason, their software's not fond of those.
  2. Fill out your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Birthday.
  3. Enter the characters from the box. Remember, they're CASE SENSITIVE.
  4. Click the little checkbox to agree to all their rules and such.
  5. Click SIGN ME UP!
  6. They will send you an email to complete your registration. It's a safety feature, so play along.
  7. After completing registration, click on COMPETITION on the top right.
  8. Scroll down to HAMMER SOUND.
  9. Click on the cute, little picture.
  10. On the right, you should be able to RATE our chaotic, little story, VOTE for it, and choose it as your FAVORITE.
  11. YOU'VE DONE IT! I greatly appreciate what you've done and it won't soon be forgotten.

Please tell friends, family, anyone you can to vote for us. I know for a fact that I have received a lot of e-mails saying that people would like to see my sequentials on a more regular basis...well this is the chance, and I appreciate any help you can provide! to the paintings. Did these yesterday, 4X13 inch canvases. I decided to paint them, and they're for sale. If I don't get any e-mails then I'm taking them to sell at the beginning of next month at Wizard World. You can inquire at my e-mail about the price.

Again, thank you for all the help you all have given me so far, and I hate to ask for more help, but it's a very stiff competition this month!

Sunday, October 12, 2008