Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, my friends Sam and Neal (not Sam Neil from Jurassic Park) were designers/animators for the show Frisky Dingo, but after season 2 they decided to go with a spinoff with the Xtacles, Awesome X's robot suit wearing kill force! I'll tell you, I loved seeing this, outside of Venture Brothers it's been a while since I've seen something new on Adult Swim that I love...I mean Squidbillies...really?! But this show is hillarious, and more importantly, it's on tomorrow evening, and much like the Zuda competition, it needs viewership in order to survive. So turn your tvs on to Adult Swim at 12 am Eastern, 11 Central and you'll have a ton of fun!

Seriously, tell all your friends to watch, I really want them to keep making more episodes!

Here's some clips!

Post 237

The show last night was pretty great...ELECTRIC SIX WAS AMAZING!!! So, Jake and I got there pretty early, saw the first band, I think they were called Lions. They were entertaining in that they all were quirky. I would have called them "Billy Goat and the Palsy Mummies." The lead singer literally looked like a goat, and spit to a hillarious degree! He spat on his bass guitarist at least twice, once in the face, and once on the shoulder. He wasn't aiming, it just went all over the place. Too loud to hear what they were even saying.

Then came Local H, I was excited about seeing Local H at first, because I loved Bound for the Floor...but we listened, thought maybe we were thinking of another band...nope, right band, they just DIDN'T PLAY THE SONG THEY"RE MOST FAMOUS FOR!!!! Plus, waaaaaaaaaay too loud in a screechy way.

So finally we get to the main event, they hit the stage, and Dick Valentine's wearing capes...capeS...and it's showtime...SHOWTIME!!! They had some talking between songs, awesome dancing, and SOLO!!!!! There was a fake marriage proposal, push-ups, and they went out after 13 songs. Then we waited around, and kept cheering for encore...and they OBLIGED WITH 4 MORE SONGS!!! They mixed in the great hits with ones from the new cd, which I picked up there and it's outstanding!

Either way, had tons of fun, and I need to get some sleep!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So, gonna' go to see Electric Six at the Granada Theater tomorrow with my fellow Electric Six fan Jake! We're going to go and just geek out, I'll tell you, this is the first show I've been to in years, so here's hoping things go well!

Post 235=CRap (Con-Recap)

So, just adding on a few more images here, some more of my commissions, and the Mystique, which I did for the Heroes4Heroes auction. The money went to a great cause, so that makes me feel good. But I was sad to see it go, I was really happy with the color application on this, and it was the last to get taken off of the bidding block wasn't the last to finish, but that's the way things go sometimes...

Got pics of Boulet rockin' the board. I ended up providing boards to 3 people and supplies throughout the convention to a ton of folks. So either I was ultra prepared, or they were super un-prepared...a question that will linger, but I guess it's probably that I just brought way too much crap. I'll have to adjust that by the time of Staple! or DCC (if the Gaijin guys go).

Also, a picture of Nick going crazy with his Superman, I watched him putting the finishing touches on while the bidding was going on. I learn a lot from watching him work, he's just got so much confidence in his lines!

Either way, fantastic convention, and I can't thank everyone who came by the table enough!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Post 234+Weekend=Money?

I'm going to break this re-cap into a couple pieces. First off, awesome convention! WW:TX rocked my socks off! We started off Friday pretty slowly as can be expected, but had a lot of fun. Did a few sketches, the usual format, but had a lot of people telling me they'd be back, and in the past I wouldn't take much from that, but the people REALLY CAME BACK!!!! I was psyched, so by day two, I started painting commissions. Luan started it off, and it really drew in a lot of interested people. We're so used to live arting at this point that we really love painting in front of people.

More than anything, I'm happy that all of the Space Gun Kru had a great time, respect-wise and financially as well. I met a lot of great people that were into my style, and more importantly understood what I was going for. I think that's why I went so crazy with the commissions. When I'm around nice people with interesting conversation, I'm really motivated to go that extra mile.

Day 2 I barely stood up, I was constantly working on commissions and making sales. This is evidenced by the fact that Luan couldn't make it out walking the convention floor except once on Saturday heh heh!

I was extremely excited by seeing friends actually make it out. My best friend from all the way back in middle school made it out to the show, and hopefully I was able to show him a good time. It's been years since he made it to a convention. Some friends (Russell and Laura) I met through my brother made it out as well, not only to the show but the charity auction (to be spoken about in the next post) as well. Also my friend Jamel made it to both shows and even got to do some live art. He's really talented peeps, and he got to do the critique circuit at the show and I hope feels like he got some good advice. I know that's how I started off.

On day one I was sad guys like Kody and Kristian (the esteemed Mr. Donaldson was busy at I can excuse it ;) didn't make it out, but I got to talk for a few hours on Sunday with Nick Derington. I'm not going to even front...I RESPECT AND ADMIRE THIS MAN!!! I've made some friends over the past year that have a mix of a retro style with European sensibilities and a vast understanding of storytelling, and Nick is among the best! I spent a ton of time pouring over his work, out of respect, I won't mention anything, but I will say that the future of comics looks great as long as Nick's working!

I also was super happy that Paul made it out and I saw him on Saturday. We got to talk about things, and really it hit home, because he's been through the things I'm just going through now, and has always been really supportive and helpful to me.

I know it may sound corny, but following the ridiculous pagentry of Zuda you can strip things down to what is most important in your life, and the people that are most important. I talked to so many people that make me feel blessed, because they were so supportive about the whole Zuda process. They were there for me the whole time, and I can't thank them enough! Number one on my list is David Hopkins. He is a fantastic friend and so amazingly giving. He even gave us a great meal of home grilled burgers on the first night, but he was such a great supporter of Hammer Sound. Joe Eisma as well, one of the funniest men I know in Paul Milligan, David Rodriguez and Mike Lagocki from ArtLoveMagic, Josh Boulet, and what I found to be a TON of folks. I have to say thanks again to all of you!!!

Okay, enough for part one, I'll put together part two a little later, with more art and pictures!!! Sorry for all the links, but it helps you understand who I'm talking about, and why I love these folks so much!!!!