Friday, January 09, 2009

Post 260

I found a wall hanging print on a board (print was of an eggbeater) at an outlet place for a steal of a price, so I sanded off the print and glue, then taped off the sides of the panel, used a layer of white Windsor & Newton white instead of gesso. The reason is I was using some gouache and I wanted the edge of the bloom to dry as if left on plastic, which creates some nice edges. If I had used gesso, it would have seeped in too quickly and lost some of the desirable effects. Following the gouache base coat (the reds, yellows, and some lines), I used acrylic to get highlights. I then went with some brush pen to apply some basic lines, and a #2 round brush to apply some different color lines with gouache. For the last part, I dripped some watered down speedball ink to get some runny effects. I dabbed the bottom so it would dry lighter.

I find that everything I do recently is influencing something else I do. In this case my computer colors were influenced by my painting, and then the colors I did for some recent sequentials influenced this painting.

Hope you all dig!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Post 259

Sorry it's been a number of days and this is only my first post of the New year! I've been working on sequentials and when you see them you'll see all the hard work I put in. Can't say or show anything, but it's a ton of fun! Here's a painting I did in a couple hours. I wanted an older Hellboy, like if you mixed Clint Eastwood with Hellboy. Either way, I had fun with it and like the end result!