Saturday, June 06, 2009

Post 386

I challenged myself on this one. I looked in the mirror for 30 seconds and then went back to sketch my visage. Sure, there's things that need correcting, such as the left eye, bugs me now. But I enjoyed the exercise, and think I did well with the shading. I'm shaking off the kinks of finals week. But I'm on the right track for getting back into the art swing of things!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Post 385

First off, to clarify, I saw those really cool things that Paul Pope draws and thought I'd try my own (out of my head as always).

So, to explain the paper, it's the for fun survey that I gave this semester for my final. I've been grading exams like crazy, but these make it all worth it. This one is from a cheerleader, but I have to admire how well she's able to take such a ridiculous question and give it such an honest answer. This is brilliant in my opinion!

P.S. Yeah, I really did ask my classes this...and I know they think I'm crazy. But the point is FUN!!! Only one more day and then I'm into summer mode! I have to work until 8:30 tomorrow night so I don't have to come in on Saturday. Then Monday's graduation, I'm working line-up and fully plan on tearing like a big baby as I usher my students to their future! Then the week starts my need to get full on working out, and working on the sequential project/mini series! Plus, there's plans to go swimming at my friend Matt's pool, which he recently cleaned. Good times, good plans...much better than last year where I avoided the light of day...

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Post 384

Did a tattoo design for a friend, the mock-up is above, though he'll be getting it in black along his ribs. Also, I've got my new Campus 2's as the crown jewel of the collection! They're black velour/suede...rockin' right??!! I've got a really amazing outfit planned for tomorrow! I think the kids will go crazy!

My idea behind going all out on dressing up this week is two-fold in reasoning: 1)I'm proud because of all the work I've done this year, I mean, I'm down 16 pants sizes since September. 2)I'm showing I'm putting the time into appearance while other people (who shall remain nameless) are drifting as the final week closes out. I'm sending them the message that, "I'm not giving up on you even though you're graduating, so give me these last few days of effort!"

So far the plan is working...I'm going to be wearing the sport-coats more next year I think. Ask me in August!!!

BTW, if I had to color this...or even flat this...I'd want to die about 4 hours in...seriously, it's insanely gorgeous...but they might as well leave it in black and white. I mean, broken edges of lines, you can't exactly use a flatting plug-in to even attempt this, it would make Photoshop CS2 or 3 go to a screen that just says "I give up!!!!" There's really no way that they're going to pay enough for a colorist to do this justice...or the colorist is just THAT devoted. I know that I'd just quit and move on to the next project. Sorry, that's just my view on this. It's too pretty...we don't have the technology to make this viable for a monthly.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Post 383

Some more cards to trade with my students! The Dhalsim was funny because that's what I saw when I wiped away the shaving cream! Sometimes that's what happens, I'll see shapes in these, so I'll just respond to the nature of the card.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Post 382

I was searching through my old files, and found this little gem, from sometime early last year for an outlandish project (even for MY standards) that just never came to be. 'Beefcakes of the Civil War', an idea I threw out as a joke, but gathered stem for a while. It involved flex battles, and an epic arm-wrestling tournament/battle that was a long continuous shot much like in Nextwave, also a steam-powered mechanized flex-bot to fight against the Union...yeah, I even think I'm weird sometimes...

Maybe one day it'll happen. I just need the right motivation, and somebody to flesh it out better. I have all these ideas, but little to no motivation to write for myself. Lots of artists want to be that 'writer/artist' combo. I'm just an artist. It's not like I can't write, it's just that writing so many papers in college really killed the fun of writing for me. I'd be good at pitching, or if I was writing on a sitcom I'd do great, but for some reason with comics it's different for me.