Sunday, July 27, 2008

Post 183

I better tell you guys this now, but after this there is only one more Rick Dangerous episode, and then a two-part "season" finale. This is something I started on a whim because Zablo egged me on, and really enjoy doing, but pretty soon I head back to my day job, and I'm working on two projects big projects right now. Ones that will hopefully move me up in the least enough to be able to pitch something like a Rick Dangerous ongoing.

I'm also putting together a sketchbook/artbook which should be ready in time for Baltimore. It'll contain the whole first season of Rick Dangerous (21 pages), as well as a ton of other stuff. I'm putting the final touches on it this week, and I'm really excited...also exhausted. Trying to put together over 50 pages of material (scanning, cropping, formatting) as well as a new cover and new material is really a lot for one person. I really don't want to put out a sub-standard product.

I just don't want to get stressed out and put out an inferior product with Rick. Aside from one other character, he's my "baby" and I ultimately want to do an ongoing, so I'm saving some characters and info for that format. But after the last episodes "air" I'm going to take a little break from this, and re-charge. You wouldn't believe how tough it is to figure out a way to tell these stories mid-point, have closure, and make you care about entirely new characters.