Friday, January 05, 2007

A sequential sketchpage...

I was just playing around a bit in my sketchbook and felt like doing something quick with sequentials. Here was my level of excitement throughout the process:
1. Pencils-excited
2. Inks-disappointed (I really do not like to use spot blacks, they just seem wonky to me)
3. zip-tones-eh, but needed more. Originally I was going to try the whole thing that way.
4. painter/watercolor-just started out with the main figures in a paynes gray type color.
5. Watercolor the BG-started bringing in some various colors, for my photoshop approach it's best to have multiple colors to play off of.
6. Photoshop effects-I use some brush effects and custom brushes to take out some zip-tones and add highlights, burn in some colors.

Ultimately, I ended up loving the final product. It just shows how fickle I am during the process, but I love to work at something until I enjoy the final outcome.

However, next time, I'm sticking with open lines, no spotted black areas.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

TV day...

Today was the first quiet day alone in the house. So I was catching up on a lot of shows, and I watched the movie High Tension. Fun stuff. Usually I end up hating a lot of horror films because of annoying characters, or a crappy ending, but I really dug this film.

First new picture of the year...

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last of 2006!

I just made it in time, it's around 11:30 my time, so it still counts. I just wanted to get in one last drawing before it turns 2007. I was talking to Tom Feister this afternoon, and he said he'd like to see a Nightwing pic done by me. So here it is. I really like how the final product came out.

So, now that the need for fine motor skills for the night is complete, I've got a bottle of Jack Daniels with my name on it. If I'm still coherent enough, I'll try and see if I can draw something. But anyways, I've gotta' say Happy New Years to everyone, and let's hope 2007 is much better than 2006 was!