Friday, January 05, 2007

A sequential sketchpage...

I was just playing around a bit in my sketchbook and felt like doing something quick with sequentials. Here was my level of excitement throughout the process:
1. Pencils-excited
2. Inks-disappointed (I really do not like to use spot blacks, they just seem wonky to me)
3. zip-tones-eh, but needed more. Originally I was going to try the whole thing that way.
4. painter/watercolor-just started out with the main figures in a paynes gray type color.
5. Watercolor the BG-started bringing in some various colors, for my photoshop approach it's best to have multiple colors to play off of.
6. Photoshop effects-I use some brush effects and custom brushes to take out some zip-tones and add highlights, burn in some colors.

Ultimately, I ended up loving the final product. It just shows how fickle I am during the process, but I love to work at something until I enjoy the final outcome.

However, next time, I'm sticking with open lines, no spotted black areas.

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Samuel said...

What a true success.