Saturday, May 30, 2009

Post 381

Did the shaving cream technique for the trading cards. Gave the octopus to a friend, and traded the Milo Garrett for a Pokemon card a student was awesome, so totally fair trade!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Post 380

So, don't jump the gun on this statement, by that I mean KEEP CHECKING!!! I'm going to be easing up on the everyday update as summer begins and I start into the sequential schedule. I'm pretty sure that Benito will be happy that I'll be working on the book and that it will take priority over my blog (heh)!

Not to say that you won't be seeing daily updates, I mean, even when I'm slacking I'm updating more than the 25 blogs I follow on Google Reader...and that's not boasting, I've been beating them 5-1 for about 6 weeks running!!! All I'm saying is that you don't know when I'll be updating, so keep checking regularly!!!

Anyway, I'm feeling really good, much better than the beginning of the week, for a lot of reasons. Primarily, my students, they make me laugh all day, and I make them laugh through sarcasm and, not the second part, but through situational humor and artistic experimentation. I think of my classroom as one of two things: 1)an art lab for investigation into materials and process, or 2)an art dojo, where we sweep the leg, not because we have to in order to win, but because it's funnier...and because that 'LaRusso' learned the fundamentals in like a week, and had to use a trick move for wins! (my kids understand my logic on this)

Post 379

Prep-work. I'm almost done with the school year, so as soon as I get home now I'm getting stuff ready for my sequential work. I'm going to have a far more eventful summer than last. Last one I just kind of sat and made my sketchbook...look how well that did for me...

This summer is set for travel (Heroes, and a roadtrip), I have an actual project, I'll be exercising nearly every day, I'm supposed to be teaching one of my friends photoshop and they may be my apprentice for a while, and an actual social life. So brace yo' sef' summer, I'm lookin' for ya'!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Post 378

As my students are finishing their projects at different paces (all major projects are due tomorrow), I'm having them create artist trading cards/sketch cards. I'm not keeping any of mine, I'm trading them all with my students, it's selfish for me, I just want an excuse to have some of their work! My Art II's rock! So far the popular request in 4th period is "guys with afros." They're even putting stats on the back of the cards...old school Marvel card cool is that?!

I'll tell you, this has been a week where they have those things where they have the "my favorite teacher" things in the paper. I wasn't listed on any of the things, but I don't feel bad, because I had about 20 students who were either in my class in the past, or some that never even were stop by just to talk, or get advice. Some ran in during my demo for artist trading cards, and I was able to include them in the discussion! I'll miss my senior students though!!! But I have such cool students. Too bad I can't follow my Drawing II's and teach Drawing III for them! Oh well, they at least know that I'm always there for them.

Sorry to the casual reader, I'm like a proud older sibling to see them all growing up into awesome people and artists!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Post 377

Random sketch. Things are crazy right now, but they're looking better at least!

Got a room for Heroes convention, so now all I need to take care of is getting a 3-day ticket. I'll be walking around talking to folks since I don't want to pay for a table. At least I can finally get to just talk to friends, and this is definitely the convention to do that at!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post 376

Another day, another dollar. 7 1/2 days left of school for the year, and I'm ready for summer, but I'll miss my classes this semester. There are a bunch of my favorite students graduating, and I am going to my first graduation for my students. Emotionally it's already hitting me.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Post 375

Here are some pages from Egg#2 . My new buddy Eric Skillman wrote AND colored AND lettered these pages. I'll tell you, recently I don't really accept projects with people who contact me out of the blue, but this was totally different, I'd seen Eric's work with one of the people younger than me who's insanely talented: Connor Willumsen. Egg #1 is available here BTW! Eric is a crazy talented designer himself (works for Criterion), and he brought me a script that fulfilled one of my fantasies, to do a story in the same vein as the Ride. I'm not completely sure when it's coming out, but he will have some ashcan copies at MoCCA next month, so if you're there, you should stop by and check it out, pick up a copy!

This was an extremely fulfilling collaboration, ESPECIALLY seeing someone do some things I haven't seen color wise with my work. I'm currently studying these to really take my own colors to the next level!

Either way, have a happy Memorial Day if you have off, and tell me what you think about the pages!

P.S. if some text doesn't make sense, or there is a blank, it's because I edited some choice content for the post! Young eyes view this page too...and should be working on their altered books for that matter!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Post 374

Did this in the Moleskine. My mom (who's also a teacher) had shown me this technique where you use shaving cream and food coloring to get this insane marbeling technique. You can put the shaving cream (use an ultra foamy kind like barbasol) on a flat surface, and use a spatula to smooth it out. Then you drop some food coloring on top of it, and use a toothpick to move it round in the desired pattern. Push the paper down on top lightly, and when you bring it up, use the spatula to remove the shaving cream...instant marbel effect! Then you can use the spatula to reapply and remove the leftover foam to fill in empty areas. Let it dry a bit, and it's good to use!

I'll tell you, there is a slick patina to the paper that ends up making the use of prismacolor (which I used in this case) to apply SUPER SMOOTH!!! It's insane, blending takes no effort, and white shows up really well. Ah, the fun of simple non-art materials to create fine-art!!!