Friday, May 29, 2009

Post 380

So, don't jump the gun on this statement, by that I mean KEEP CHECKING!!! I'm going to be easing up on the everyday update as summer begins and I start into the sequential schedule. I'm pretty sure that Benito will be happy that I'll be working on the book and that it will take priority over my blog (heh)!

Not to say that you won't be seeing daily updates, I mean, even when I'm slacking I'm updating more than the 25 blogs I follow on Google Reader...and that's not boasting, I've been beating them 5-1 for about 6 weeks running!!! All I'm saying is that you don't know when I'll be updating, so keep checking regularly!!!

Anyway, I'm feeling really good, much better than the beginning of the week, for a lot of reasons. Primarily, my students, they make me laugh all day, and I make them laugh through sarcasm and, not the second part, but through situational humor and artistic experimentation. I think of my classroom as one of two things: 1)an art lab for investigation into materials and process, or 2)an art dojo, where we sweep the leg, not because we have to in order to win, but because it's funnier...and because that 'LaRusso' learned the fundamentals in like a week, and had to use a trick move for wins! (my kids understand my logic on this)

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