Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Sorry for the long absence, but out of necessity, I guess I'll be back posting on my blog again. I've been very busy with school, so keeping up with even general things like e-mail has been quite a tough thing to manage. I've primarily been keeping up with my deviantArt page, which has been easier to update. However, I ran into a of STAPLE! I ran out of business cards. See, a couple years ago I was making new cards for every convention I went to. So I gathered up a bulk stock of 5 different cards and told myself I'd stop until I ran out...well, I FINALLY ran out.

So the next thing came about, since I've been using deviantArt, would I put that on my business, it's not rather professional looking. So I'm going to force myself to update here again as, there will soon be the return of Rick Dangerous, and I think he works best on a blog format.

I'm not buying webspace, call me cheap, or lazy...I'm actually neither, but I just don't like dealing with webspace, too much hassle honestly, this is much easier.

Anyway, I'm going to try and catch up with some art posts, so get ready for a couple posts with just a bunch of art!