Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Post 177

Pics courtesy of my dawg Matt Warlick. Matt just sent me these and I'm super pumped! I didn't know what issue our pin-ups would be coming out, but apparently it's this month's issue of Astounding Wolf-Man! I'm over-joyed because I remember seeing the pin-ups in Invincible and other Kirkman books when I was in college and wanting to have something in them. It's just awesome to me. Plus, I got away with an old-school image sideways pin-up. Robert let me sneak it by. I used to love seeing the sideways pin-ups more often, or even the two-pagers back in the day.

Anyway, pick it up, it's a fantastic book, support Robert, because he's doing a great job of keeping the fun in comics nowadays. Also, it's a way of supporting Matt and I. Though we get no financial gain from this, it's a great way of spreading the word, especially for our studio.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Post 176

I hate it when the heroes let the villains go after something horrible, or they just send them to a poorly guarded prison. All in the hopes of keeping a villain for an ongoing series just because if they were to take the villain out it would remove a lot of story options. Since I don't exactly have to worry about ongoing story concerns right now. Rick's just going to kill the villain. It bothers me that Batman doesn't just kill the Joker. He'd be saving lives in the long run. But usually they have to show the moral high ground. I mean, Batman's already pretty insane, what's one murder going to do to him? I think it's pride and a continued sense of worth that keeps him from doing it most of the time.

Anyway, enjoy!