Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Post 177

Pics courtesy of my dawg Matt Warlick. Matt just sent me these and I'm super pumped! I didn't know what issue our pin-ups would be coming out, but apparently it's this month's issue of Astounding Wolf-Man! I'm over-joyed because I remember seeing the pin-ups in Invincible and other Kirkman books when I was in college and wanting to have something in them. It's just awesome to me. Plus, I got away with an old-school image sideways pin-up. Robert let me sneak it by. I used to love seeing the sideways pin-ups more often, or even the two-pagers back in the day.

Anyway, pick it up, it's a fantastic book, support Robert, because he's doing a great job of keeping the fun in comics nowadays. Also, it's a way of supporting Matt and I. Though we get no financial gain from this, it's a great way of spreading the word, especially for our studio.

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Craig Zablo said...

Wow! Big congrats, bro. [I'm also a fan of the horizontal pinups!]