Sunday, May 24, 2009

Post 374

Did this in the Moleskine. My mom (who's also a teacher) had shown me this technique where you use shaving cream and food coloring to get this insane marbeling technique. You can put the shaving cream (use an ultra foamy kind like barbasol) on a flat surface, and use a spatula to smooth it out. Then you drop some food coloring on top of it, and use a toothpick to move it round in the desired pattern. Push the paper down on top lightly, and when you bring it up, use the spatula to remove the shaving cream...instant marbel effect! Then you can use the spatula to reapply and remove the leftover foam to fill in empty areas. Let it dry a bit, and it's good to use!

I'll tell you, there is a slick patina to the paper that ends up making the use of prismacolor (which I used in this case) to apply SUPER SMOOTH!!! It's insane, blending takes no effort, and white shows up really well. Ah, the fun of simple non-art materials to create fine-art!!!

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Craig Zablo said...

THAT is a really cool technique. Love the crazy colors.