Monday, May 25, 2009

Post 375

Here are some pages from Egg#2 . My new buddy Eric Skillman wrote AND colored AND lettered these pages. I'll tell you, recently I don't really accept projects with people who contact me out of the blue, but this was totally different, I'd seen Eric's work with one of the people younger than me who's insanely talented: Connor Willumsen. Egg #1 is available here BTW! Eric is a crazy talented designer himself (works for Criterion), and he brought me a script that fulfilled one of my fantasies, to do a story in the same vein as the Ride. I'm not completely sure when it's coming out, but he will have some ashcan copies at MoCCA next month, so if you're there, you should stop by and check it out, pick up a copy!

This was an extremely fulfilling collaboration, ESPECIALLY seeing someone do some things I haven't seen color wise with my work. I'm currently studying these to really take my own colors to the next level!

Either way, have a happy Memorial Day if you have off, and tell me what you think about the pages!

P.S. if some text doesn't make sense, or there is a blank, it's because I edited some choice content for the post! Young eyes view this page too...and should be working on their altered books for that matter!


Ryan Stegman said...

This stuff is so brilliant. You're getting into that territory where I am frightened by how good you are. I might stammer next time I see you. Love the "un-lined" panel border too. This stuff is just great all around.

Paul Conrad said...

Evan...this is very very nice.
You are toooooo good! :)