Thursday, May 28, 2009

Post 378

As my students are finishing their projects at different paces (all major projects are due tomorrow), I'm having them create artist trading cards/sketch cards. I'm not keeping any of mine, I'm trading them all with my students, it's selfish for me, I just want an excuse to have some of their work! My Art II's rock! So far the popular request in 4th period is "guys with afros." They're even putting stats on the back of the cards...old school Marvel card cool is that?!

I'll tell you, this has been a week where they have those things where they have the "my favorite teacher" things in the paper. I wasn't listed on any of the things, but I don't feel bad, because I had about 20 students who were either in my class in the past, or some that never even were stop by just to talk, or get advice. Some ran in during my demo for artist trading cards, and I was able to include them in the discussion! I'll miss my senior students though!!! But I have such cool students. Too bad I can't follow my Drawing II's and teach Drawing III for them! Oh well, they at least know that I'm always there for them.

Sorry to the casual reader, I'm like a proud older sibling to see them all growing up into awesome people and artists!

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