Thursday, June 04, 2009

Post 385

First off, to clarify, I saw those really cool things that Paul Pope draws and thought I'd try my own (out of my head as always).

So, to explain the paper, it's the for fun survey that I gave this semester for my final. I've been grading exams like crazy, but these make it all worth it. This one is from a cheerleader, but I have to admire how well she's able to take such a ridiculous question and give it such an honest answer. This is brilliant in my opinion!

P.S. Yeah, I really did ask my classes this...and I know they think I'm crazy. But the point is FUN!!! Only one more day and then I'm into summer mode! I have to work until 8:30 tomorrow night so I don't have to come in on Saturday. Then Monday's graduation, I'm working line-up and fully plan on tearing like a big baby as I usher my students to their future! Then the week starts my need to get full on working out, and working on the sequential project/mini series! Plus, there's plans to go swimming at my friend Matt's pool, which he recently cleaned. Good times, good plans...much better than last year where I avoided the light of day...

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David said...

Nice. I commend you. I've done similar finals for my Creative Writing class.