Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Post 384

Did a tattoo design for a friend, the mock-up is above, though he'll be getting it in black along his ribs. Also, I've got my new Campus 2's as the crown jewel of the collection! They're black velour/suede...rockin' right??!! I've got a really amazing outfit planned for tomorrow! I think the kids will go crazy!

My idea behind going all out on dressing up this week is two-fold in reasoning: 1)I'm proud because of all the work I've done this year, I mean, I'm down 16 pants sizes since September. 2)I'm showing I'm putting the time into appearance while other people (who shall remain nameless) are drifting as the final week closes out. I'm sending them the message that, "I'm not giving up on you even though you're graduating, so give me these last few days of effort!"

So far the plan is working...I'm going to be wearing the sport-coats more next year I think. Ask me in August!!!

BTW, if I had to color this...or even flat this...I'd want to die about 4 hours in...seriously, it's insanely gorgeous...but they might as well leave it in black and white. I mean, broken edges of lines, you can't exactly use a flatting plug-in to even attempt this, it would make Photoshop CS2 or 3 go to a screen that just says "I give up!!!!" There's really no way that they're going to pay enough for a colorist to do this justice...or the colorist is just THAT devoted. I know that I'd just quit and move on to the next project. Sorry, that's just my view on this. It's too pretty...we don't have the technology to make this viable for a monthly.

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Borch said...

I love your art...a lot of fun and fresh.

Thanks for your art.