Thursday, November 13, 2008

Post 237

The show last night was pretty great...ELECTRIC SIX WAS AMAZING!!! So, Jake and I got there pretty early, saw the first band, I think they were called Lions. They were entertaining in that they all were quirky. I would have called them "Billy Goat and the Palsy Mummies." The lead singer literally looked like a goat, and spit to a hillarious degree! He spat on his bass guitarist at least twice, once in the face, and once on the shoulder. He wasn't aiming, it just went all over the place. Too loud to hear what they were even saying.

Then came Local H, I was excited about seeing Local H at first, because I loved Bound for the Floor...but we listened, thought maybe we were thinking of another band...nope, right band, they just DIDN'T PLAY THE SONG THEY"RE MOST FAMOUS FOR!!!! Plus, waaaaaaaaaay too loud in a screechy way.

So finally we get to the main event, they hit the stage, and Dick Valentine's wearing capes...capeS...and it's showtime...SHOWTIME!!! They had some talking between songs, awesome dancing, and SOLO!!!!! There was a fake marriage proposal, push-ups, and they went out after 13 songs. Then we waited around, and kept cheering for encore...and they OBLIGED WITH 4 MORE SONGS!!! They mixed in the great hits with ones from the new cd, which I picked up there and it's outstanding!

Either way, had tons of fun, and I need to get some sleep!

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Jeremy Hughes said...

dude show sounded good (minus the opening acts)... i can't believe Local H EXISTS still. that's a total wtf.

the Granada is awesome, i just caught a country show there recently, and it was my first time at the venue. my wife was telling me about when she used to see movies there.

i'll have to scope out some Electric Six stuff since i have to admit i haven't listened to them since the Fire in the Disco album. they are totally fun though.

i need to work on whipping together a couple pieces of art for a friends benefit show going on at the end of the month. i think i'm going to sell off a photograph i took and maybe try to do some brush/ink doodles to go with it.