Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post 235=CRap (Con-Recap)

So, just adding on a few more images here, some more of my commissions, and the Mystique, which I did for the Heroes4Heroes auction. The money went to a great cause, so that makes me feel good. But I was sad to see it go, I was really happy with the color application on this, and it was the last to get taken off of the bidding block wasn't the last to finish, but that's the way things go sometimes...

Got pics of Boulet rockin' the board. I ended up providing boards to 3 people and supplies throughout the convention to a ton of folks. So either I was ultra prepared, or they were super un-prepared...a question that will linger, but I guess it's probably that I just brought way too much crap. I'll have to adjust that by the time of Staple! or DCC (if the Gaijin guys go).

Also, a picture of Nick going crazy with his Superman, I watched him putting the finishing touches on while the bidding was going on. I learn a lot from watching him work, he's just got so much confidence in his lines!

Either way, fantastic convention, and I can't thank everyone who came by the table enough!

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