Saturday, May 26, 2007


Another Painter experiment. This time a character from a comic one of my "comic mentors" works on. Brian Stelfreeze has been such an influence on my art in general for the past...Lord even knows how long. I first met him the second semester I was in college. Went down to A&M and met him, spoke with him and listened to him lecture other people while working. 6 hours, and it completely changed my approach to art. The way he talks about color is intense, but it's extremely important. Since then I make my yearly pilgrimage to "Brian." We'll talk techniques and any cool new materials available. It's just great to have that. He does this for everyone.

But anyway, this is a character from the Image/12 Gauge book The Ride. Some of my all time favorite comic artists have worked on this book, and it would really be a dream to do ANYTHING with them. But I just did this in Painter and Photoshop...which henceforth shall be referred to as P2 for the sake of saving me some additional keystrokes. Anyway, lots of fun. I also had my friend Tom Feister give me some pointers on it. I'm really happy with the result.


Maxxipoo! said...

i LOVE her feet, it adds insane action to the shot!!!

Terry said...

Turned out great man.