Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Joy Buzzards

Just felt like doing a pin-up this morning. I did a bunch of coloring and sketching on Monday. Tuesday I got a page done and another pin-up. I've been keeping as active as possible until I get a regular gig.

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Kelsey said...

DUDE! This is it! You're really hitting your stride! I LOVE the faces on top.

One crit, and it's a hard one to work on, but the car...This stuff would work so much better if you put a little more into the "stuff" You know what I mean?

It's something I'm not all that great at because I'm lazy, but I can tell you when I put forth the effort to make a thing right, it's the best feeling in the world. Think about this piece you have here, but with a car that looked a little more real. Not reallly real, but the feeling of real. Acurate light glares, wheels and the other little details. That's your next step.