Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Post 136

More con stuff. I added some real red to the monster piece. The other one was a sketch in the back of the sketchbook I made in '06. I just now could face them. I did poorly at Heroes a couple years ago when I tried to sell them. It was a domino effect of inexperience and people expecting free stuff. The end result was only two people paying for it: J.D. Mettler...one of the few people I would've given it to for free forced money at me for it. He's always been extremely nice to me, and someday I need to repay the favor. The other was Paul Maybury, and I bought his sketchbooks at Staple. I just feel that it's professional courtesy to pay your peers for stuff like that. For me it wasn't as much the monetary issue as the pride issue.

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