Sunday, May 04, 2008

Post 153

I have to say this first, all the pictures I show are from my friend Luan Luu. You can find even more here.

I started off with this picture from Friday night's live art show. This was my favorite picture by far of the night by Mike Huddleston. I'll get into talking more about how cool he is later, I just wanted to establish that his art skills are off the chart.

Another highlight of Friday...PEARSON!!!
Gorgeous, and huge as well. I stood there for most of the time he worked on it. He is very meticulous in what he does. I was lucky enough to be sitting behind him during Saturday at the con. I snuck many a peak at what he was working on. I hope my friend Matt scans in his Savage Dragon headshot from Pearson. There are no words to describe how beautiful it is.

This was the view I had for the day. Corner table, turned out to be a good position, though the wind was a beast all day. I put some 3M masking tape down and it held most of the stuff in place all day. I felt bad because my friends and I, along with Jason Pearson kept having to run and get things that were flying off of David Mack's table. But later on he was able to weight things down. Even with the fear of wind attacks, it was easily the most enjoyable con of the season, and a fitting way to end it. I'm still up in the air about Baltimore, which would be my first con of next season. My friends keep telling me I have to go, but it was a mixed experience last time. Mainly because of the situation I was in. Super expensive, getting lost in the WRONG WRONG WRONG part of town, and not even getting to eat seafood. Okay, enough talking, time for a break with a picture:
One of the multiple con drawings I did. Like I said, I LOVED THIS CROWD!!! Unlike some of the cons I've gone to this year, the people were all there for comics and for comic creators, local and big name alike. Sometimes I can't GIVE AWAY a sketch, and this time people were surprised at the price I charged. A few people said it was too low, but whatever, then they can get something from me at another convention. I loved talking to everyone. I even ran into my buddy from Atomic Age back in the day. He was the only thing keeping me going to comic stores for so many years. When he left, that ultimately lead to my path of only buying books on Amazon at this point, or at shows from the creators. Sketch interruption sneak attack:

There are a couple other sketches that I wasn't able to get pictures of because of various reasons. Like a Hulk picture I did that I really enjoyed, or the octopus picture where it's singing Electric Six lyrics, but I'm hoping they'll surface at some point. It's like the one that got away at Dallas Comic Con in January...the Poison Ivy picture that was awesome, but sadly I didn't get a picture of it...

Anyway, I said I'd talk about Mike Huddleston and all the cool people I talked to. My friend Kristian introduced me to Mike, and while talking to Mike I was also talking with Kody Chamberlain. Who is extremely talented and helpful. Uh oh, another picture interruption:

One of the main highlights (and there were many) was getting to talk to Robert Kirkman and Val Staples. I was scared going up to Kirkman at first but he was really nice after playing around with my obvious fear for a bit. He enjoyed it far too much. Val was SUPER cool to talk to because he helped me realize that I really need to find ways of learning the technical aspects of coloring for production. I need to hang around some pure colorists, or at the very least look at gutterzombie more.

I have to say, getting prints was really helpful. I was able to pay for them already, and get enough money for more prints, and I only sold a fraction of my supply. There were people that saw them that go to most of the conventions locally, so hopefully they'll buy some next time.

Ultimately, this was a great con, one of the best I've gone to outside of Heroes.

I'll keep you updated on any more fallout from the convention...oh wait, I nearly forgot, the Space Gun website is open. So check it out, we're still getting more features added on. My studio-mates would really appreciate it if you'd visit.


Kody Chamberlain said...

Great meeting you at the show! Lets keep in touch.

Craig Zablo said...

Thanks for the con report. Wish I could have been there. Sounds like my kind of show!