Monday, December 08, 2008

Post 248

I'll tell you, I normally get hit hard by the winter doldrums in terms of artist's block around the time of Thanksgiving. A little block gets in my head that makes it hard to produce art. This year I just kept fighting, and rather than let it linger throughout the next few months, I can't let it win!!!! There is so much opportunity to make piles of art. So here are some things I made once I broke free after a few full pages of sketches.

The thing that makes this season hard is that I question what I'm doing. So I worked through it and realized I can't let myself question what I'm doing, it ruins the just can't interrupt the flow!


Jake Ekiss said...

Living Tribunal you say? That's money right there. Money I say!

Jeremy Hughes said...

yeah that Tribunal piece is AWESOME. good mood in it... really captures that vast cold infinite space feel that guys like Ditko and Starlin could do.

Jeremy Hughes said...

also am i detecting thumbprints? if so it looks really cool... would be interesting for the Cap Scale Armor?

Evan said...

Jake-Thanks man!
Jeremy-Thanks man! Yeah man, thumbprints, and index, I wanted to add some extra texture to it. I agree, it'd really add to cap's scale armor!