Monday, December 15, 2008

Post 252

Things have been all sorts of busy recently, but I guess that's what you can expect around the time of the holidays! Almost to a 2 week vacation, so then I can get really working on a project, so my sketch time will be cut down. I've got a few things that I should be starting soon...then again, I've said that before...but this time I've got some actually reliable writers on the job...ones that live in this state that I can yell at by standing outside their places! Plus, they respect me as an ARTIST, not as an ODDITY! So yeah, 2009 should hopefully be a year with more sequentials produced and or published than any previous year...or it could be a year of me creating a huge stack of unpublished pages that get sent to my art dealer Paolo...but I really hope for the published part, it's kind of the only reason for me to do comics right now.

So, you were probably wondering when I'd get to talking about the picture. My friend Ryan asked me at WW:TX to do a drawing of Toki smashing Lavona Succuboso over the head with a bottle in the Season 2 finale of Metalocalypse. So, I'm bad with directions, sometimes when somebody says draw...I paint, sometimes when I paint, I draw, so it all works out. I'd been searching for my set of Holbein (yes, I just name dropped, but if you've used these, you'd understand) gouaches. I also busted out the dagger brush that I got at a craft store and wow does it work like a dream for gouache! I also used some prismacolor for some finishing touches, and some photoshop to mock up what I wanted to do tomorrow after work.

Anyway, time to get some sleep!

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Jake Ekiss said...

Dude, the colors and composition on this are phenomenal. There's a glow to it that just kicks me in the ass. Love it.