Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Post 258

Had to sneak in one last image! 2008 was a big year for me in many many ways, it led to me really taking charge of my life and making things happen, it led to me choosing the direction I want to take my career(s), and talking to friends I haven't heard from in years. Sure, there has been a lot of stress and pain, but that comes with emotional growth. I feel like I'm actually becoming an adult!

I have to say, this blog has been one of my proudest revelations of 2008. I've been putting up art for years, secretly yearning to have people actually see it, and actually like it. One of those situations where you tell yourself you don't care, but you can't avoid letting it get to you when you know nobody is looking at it. But it changed for me, there's probably at least 20 people that actually look at my blog now!!!!! Ultimately, it started with Craig, he's been such a great friend and supporter! He kept me posting during times when I felt like just forgetting about putting any work up, and for that I thank him, he's kept me motivated to get better and keep a consistent schedule.

Other people I need to thank are Doug Wagner, for being an amazing friend and going through the most stressful month of my life in Zuda. In the same vein, Luan for lettering and keeping me sane during October. Both Luan and Jake helped break me out of my shell and start attending conventions, in a little over a year, we've done pretty well for ourselves in the local scene. Jake and Luan have become some of the best friends I've ever had in my life, and I always hope I'm as good of a friend in return.

I have to thank my 'brother' in NY, Chris DiBari for being there this year, and every year we've been friends. The first time I talked to him was because of a chat on a messageboard and we became friends quickly. I just wish that I lived closer to NY!

I have to thank my friends here in TX that I've made this year, especially Kristian Donaldson, David Hopkins, Nick Derington, ArtLoveMagic, and the many friends I've made at local conventions. I really appreciate the fans here in Texas because they've really been supportive this year and encouraged me to keep going with comic art.

I also got to meet some of my heroes from when I first considered actually setting foot in the comic industry. Invincible was the book that really got me excited to go to the store, and not only oogle the art, but also actually read the story and enjoy it. It taught me about pacing, the birds...AND the bees, and even some general life skills...not exaggerating (maybe a little)! But I got to meet Robert Kirkman at CAPE (the FCBD celebration here in Dallas) and he is one of the most engaging people I've ever seen (outside of Dick Valentine from Electric Six). Robert is like a big brother, he can jokingly pick on you and make you feel like a million bucks in a matter of minutes. I got to do some paintings for him, and for Cory Walker, which blew my mind! Robert introduced me to Cory Walker, and Nate Bellegarde at Baltimore, which made the trip worth it for me (since obviously the convention itself didn't net me much monetarily). I just hope I didn't scare the guys too bad, it was a great experience to meet them, and hopefully get to talk to them more in the future!

I want to thank ArtLoveMagic for encouraging me to get back into painting with acrylics. It's opened up my world, and I can't wait to do more in 2009!

There are so many people that really made this year special for me, and I want to do my best to make 2009 even better...the first step is actually getting some work published...but I'm working on that...hopefully this new year will be the one! I've at least got a couple pin-ups coming out!

Again, I appreciate you all, and want to thank you for your support, and please keep coming back, asking great questions, leaving comments, I love it!

Have a Happy New Year, be safe, and lets really make some great work in 2009!


Craig Zablo said...

Wow! Thanks for the thanks, Evan. You're an amazing artist and your confidence has grown and your art continues to rock. I can't wait to see what you do in 2009!

Jake Ekiss said...

Hey thanks for the kind words bro. I think 09 is going to be a banner year for us. Oh yeah, and I swear to god I'm getting you that story ASAP. I've got the outline, I'm just tweaking details now.

CosmicPencil said...

I swear it'd be nice if I even knew if there were people who even checked out my blog!
Glad I'm starting to get to know you Evan. I'm hoping 09 will be big for us all...

And Jake, you better get that story done!


Jake Ekiss said...

This video is the greatest, because not only does it have a cool extra verse to the song, but it captures the creepy staring thing he does. It's pretty damn rad.

Tooninator said...

love your style, dude

samax said...

i know i definitely became a fan during 08.
your work is unique and energized!
good luck and continued success for the 09!