Monday, January 12, 2009

Post 262

Now's that time of year where I now realize everyone gets busy due to work and stops communicating until convention season starts back up. Back when I didn't have a job (this is my first real day job) I didn't understand that people just get tied up with life. The job carries with it more of a 'neediness' factor than any other time of the year, and people are less patient.

In the past, I used to think that people might be mad at me, or avoiding, or just didn't give one about me anymore, but now that I know what the grown up world is like, it's easier to understand things. I've been working on things like that, and it's helped me get better at dealing with situations that would normally be stressful. Nothing helps arguments like learning to let things just slide right off of you. Can't bring any of the stress or aggression back home at the end of the day. You have to keep the home life pure.

I've got another painting in the works right now, letting it dry and stepping away from it for an evening so that I can come back to it with a refreshed mind so that I can tell whether I want to use any black on it or not. I got some 12X24 canvases this weekend and I forgot how much smoother blending is on a butter smooth!

Also, I've got some art published, Supermarket: Cash Money Edition came out last week (I think last week) and I started freaking out when I saw that my pin-up was published first in the group of new pin-ups. THANKS KRISTIAN!!!!

One last thing, next week I'll be at the Dallas Comic Con, and I think I'm sitting with David Hopkins, my partner in crime for a story in Popgun Anthology volume 4. Yup, finally getting into it. I was supposed to do a couple stories meant for it, but for one reason or another, the writers became too 'busy.' So I guess third time is the charm, and honestly this is the best thing I've worked on to date. Great script, and I feel like my strongest storytelling. Beats the crap out of my pages for Hammer Sound. I'll keep you updated on things. All I can show you are some character designs.

But it's cool, if you look at the DCC page, it's the first time I'm a guest at a show, it's exciting!!! But understand, I'm still going to be rolling with the Space Gun Kru as always, but I'll just be hopping between tables. I sent most of my original pages to my art dealer Paolo, and I don't plan on doing any new prints until Heroes, but what I WILL have are lots of paintings for sale and what I feel is a really reasonable (Matt would say criminally insane aka 'low') price.

Either way, interesting things going on right now, and I'm just going with it. Praying 2009 is better, I feel like I'm better prepared, and I'm working harder than ever. Lets hope it pays off!

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