Monday, January 19, 2009

Post 266

Craziness to ensue this week, so I'm trying to sneak a post in here today. I have the convention this weekend, lots to do at work, and I'm working on a creator owned project right now. We'll see how things go, but for now, something I sketched on the back of one of the pages. I really love the design of Hector Plasm!


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CosmicPencil said...

The amount of work you amass on your blog perplexes me Evan, yet inspires me!

Excited to always see what you have working up. And I agree, Hector Plasm is a VERY enjoyable character (although I am more drawn to the stories as they are right up my alley as things I enjoy).

You should try out Tales of the Bully Pulpit. It's another great one.