Thursday, February 05, 2009

Post 275

So, seeing as the Project Rooftop deadline has passed, I'll put up my submission for the redesign competition. I guess my mind goes a little crazy and to a different direction, but this is what I see in my head as working. But then again, I just had a ton of fun with it!

P.S. I hate the USPS tracking system for packages, it's never accurate! I'm waiting on an order of art supplies from Blick, and there's no knowing when it'll arrive!

P.P.S. I'm guessing that it'll come up, so I'll preemtively say it (not to be defensive, but just as clarification)... nope, not blind. I like the usual cowl stuff, but I also kind of liked the eyes in Batman Begins where it has the black make-up, just not the seeing of the pupil. So I merged the two ideas together. I just don't know how comfortable rubber running up against the eye would be, and with the clouded over eye look it is a bit creepier when blinking. As for not carrying over the blue and such, I would think that maybe he'd use some tradition, but change it up in his own way. A ton of people that I've seen have ditched the cape, but I felt the need to keep it, that way I could keep with a sleeker version of it that merged with the bat symbol. I also widened the ears kind of like the earlier Batman comics. I added in elbow and knee pads for use in the city. Acrobatic work and high falls would have to be killer on the joints.

I just liked the idea of a telescoping baton to wreck havok with but also in assisting with movement like pole vaulting, it's kind of a running theme in my work this year. But if I don't make it into the runners up or even onto the list, it'll be because of people thinking he's blind because of the pose and how he's holding the baton. I still stand by my design, it's just how I would approach this on my own. Don't know how well it'll do, but I had tons of fun with this, and think that it was a good stepping stone to some new techniques that have really pushed the level of my work forward a great deal.

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