Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Post 277

Here's something I did tonight with some new paints I got. Windsor & Newton Finity Acrylics. I've been using the Galeria paints for all my acrylic paintings recently, but these are totally different. There's a bit more drag to them, it was really different to get used to at first, but now that I got the hang of it, I'm really loving it.

It's kind of funny, I feel like a renegade sometimes. Having seen the "Academia" side of art recently, the people who are subsidized for projects, as well as the people getting to get paid for their published work, I feel like I sit in this weird spot between it all. I could probably choose one, but I have this sense of freedom to experiment, to grow, and to just keep producing art. Maybe it's that feeling that I'm breaking some sort of tradition that just makes things exciting, or that I'm not a big name. But the thing that would have bothered me years ago, being on the fringe, is something that feels liberating.

Anyway, time to get some sleep, I should have some more later!

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