Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Post 282

Sorry I haven't been around recently, I've been working on a few projects and working to get ahead of the game on President Awesome for next week so I can head down to Staple in Austin with the Space Gun Kru, and Dean will hopefully make it out, and we can spread the word about our rad webcomic!

But yeah, I just finished a bunch of sequentials, work has been quite busy, and I'm doing my best to keep up with everyone in my life while the world appears to keep getting out of hand. I'm just going to keep working and moving forward, that's all you can do in this situation, not worry about things.

But yeah, I did the pic above because there was a thread about how hard it is to draw a kiss. I thought of Superman not controlling his kiss with Lois, and it gets...a little out of hand!

I really wanted to show the pain in her eyes and her clawing at his nigh-invulnerable flesh/costume!

Also, I just want to say this, but it's really lame going to the local comic shops and trying to get a copy of my work, but they don't carry it (in the modern world, none of the things I've worked on besides Negative Burn have yielded me a comp copy, so I have to buy a copy of the books I work on)! I wanted to get a copy of Brit (I have a pin-up in the final issue), and they didn't carry it. I said to them, "I have a pin-up in it." NOT because I wanted to sound all important and high on myself, but I actually wanted a PHYSICAL COPY OF MY WORK!!! As in, 'Please order me one' and they gave me a look like 'meh, not worth it.' The shop dealers around here are so dismissive, like 'whatever, not like you're doing anything big-time anyway.' Places I've gone for years, since I was a kid. Things like that make me wonder if they want to stay open? I'm buying my comics online from now on! UGH!!!

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