Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Post 289

I promised an extra sketch. I'm excited because I've got my pen position back. Something was off the past few days, and I finally was able to correct it and compensate for the weird effects of the air conditioning in work on how the ink flows.

Also, check this video out, Fanboy Video interviewing the Space Gun Kru at last year's some great shots of my cover. I was actually standing on the side. Trying to be like Ghostface Killah or something. But this year I feel good enough about myself to go onscreen if the need arises. Anyway, almost to the weekend, so I'm pretty excited!


Vinh-Luan Luu said...

You da vanillah ghostface killah, stepping out just to thrill ya from the sidelines with an open minefield of talent, j0.

Craig Zablo said...

Digs your Punisher. [Man, you can't say that in mixed company!]