Sunday, March 08, 2009

Post 293

These photos are from the Red7 After-Party from Staple by Luan, more can be seen from him here. I actually took photos myself this time with my own camera, those can be seen here.

I'd like to say, I had a TON of fun at this, and much of that thanks goes out to Paul Maybury, Kristian Donaldson, Nick Derington, and Randy Lander. I have to say thank you for making me feel like a million bucks! I had so much fun it should be illegal (though nothing illegal was committed)! Austin was it's usual self, confusing roads that led us in the wrong direction, many a U-Turn was made this weekend.

LOVED the room, great price on 2 nights that was less for a larger room than last year at the Doubletree. I got to sell some prints, sketchbooks, sketches, and even traded some art with Kristian, which made me extremely happy that he would even consider doing that. He hipped me to a new brush, and I just finished ordering it. Hopefully I will get it soon so I can start using it on pages. The bristles are natural sable hair and the length of the bristles are longer, which gives a cleaner sweep to create finer lines and larger variation.

The after party was cool too, Paul and Nick got me a chance to redeem myself for last year and my first chance at live art. I feel like I represented. I even worked next to Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo), and Paul.

Dean Trippe and I shared a table. It was great getting to hang out with Dean and really talk about an insane number of topics. I feel like these opportunities are great to help strengthen the bond of friends/creators. We're in a great place right now, especially with our work on President Awesome. We got to spread the word, and even had buttons!!!

Now that this show finally happened, I guess the next show will be Heroes in Charlotte. Though I've taken care of the task of finding people to room with, so that kills the largest hurdle I was going to have.

Now I can back to work as usual for a few months!


Craig Zablo said...

Sounds and looks like a great show. Don't ya just love it?

Brent said...

Hey man. it was good to see ya at the show this weekend. The Weapon "O" (as it has been dubbed) was wicked awesome.

And thanks for the Thor and Nightcrawler pieces. They made my day.

Randy said...

Great meeting you at the show Evan! Drop me a line next time you're gonna be in Austin!