Friday, March 27, 2009

Post 314

Cutting it close, I know, but this has been an intensely stressful week, so it's actually a miracle that I've kept up with the daily thing...but I keeps mah promises!

It's always depressing how around this time of year there isn't much to look at, people forget to update their blogs as they work to get new pages done and everything ready for the new con season. I've been able to really do well at my day job and still get pages done, keep up with a weekly online comic (I assure you I'm getting them all done on time, you just haven't seen them yet), and doing sketches for here everyday, plus somehow managing a sliver of a personal life. I think it's the working out, I've kept true to that, and it provides me will a lot of extra energy during the day to keep with a continuously evolving schedule.

Anyways, time to sleep, then exercise when I wake up.


samax said...

much appreciated! i'm loving the new work!

Craig Zablo said...

You know we appreciate your efforts to keep us entertained... and you're working in time for exercise too? You are the man!

And that is a really nice Sonja!!

Tommy said...