Thursday, June 11, 2009

Post 390

I used a tagger marker (Burner marker to be precise), and I went to town on a canvas. I loved the feeling of it! My friend Kat is so talented, we were painting last night and it's awesome, she didn't know that doing good, believable portraits in watercolor is one of the hardest things for painting, but she's REALLY awesome at it!

Also, big news, I'll actually be sharing table with some peeps at Heroes. Dean Trippe makes things happen! So he, Jason Horn, Paul Maybury and I should be sharing tables on Indie Island. At least that's how it's listed on the Heroes Convention page!! I'm going to try and get some ashcans made of my one story, we'll see how it goes. But at the very least I'll have prints and sketchbooks.

IF YOU WANT A SPECIFIC PRINT, AND KNOW YOU'LL BE AT HEROES, TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT AND I'LL PRINT IT!!! I have a nice new tabloid format Epson printer, and they'll be on high quality glossy Epson paper. $20 for each print. E-mail me at for that!

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Craig Zablo said...

One week to go...