Thursday, July 23, 2009

Post 410

Digitally spruced version! The original scan wasn't what the colors look like in real life, so I boosted contrast, and went in with airbrush set on different effects: linear burn, linear dodge, and overlay. That way I could push things back, and pull things forward. I love to get that effect of glow that you can achieve with oils. But I'm using acrylic on chipboard, so I felt it needed a bit to push it over, but not OVERPOWER! That's the key! But this is the print! If you notice, I don't sign things most of the time anymore. That's because people like me to sign the prints, so it seems redundant to have a sig on there already if I have to sign it anyway! Some people have told me 'Well, if it's not signed, and somebody tries to steal it and call it their own, what's to stop them?!" My protection is this...MY STYLE!!! If you try and steal my style, good luck, I'm constantly changing. Even back when I was a horrible noob, Cully Hamner always used to tell me, "No matter what he's doing, you can always tell an 'Evan' piece!"

I'm sure someone someday will try and lift my art, but I have a really good network that would tell me if it happened. Plus, if it's going to happen, it's going to happen, and then I can do something about it. But it's not healthy to worry about something until it happens. This is also why I don't watermark. Watermarking is lame yo!!! It looks hideous and actually pushes people away from your work. If you REALLY want a crappy 72 dpi 600X400 pixel picture, go ahead, TRY and blow it up, it'll look extra chunky for you! I've got 300 dpi print versions you can buy!


Craig Zablo said...

Dude, first of all I dig your Frankie & Bride. Second, you are so at ease, you must have bones of rubber. Look up laid back and there used to be a picture of David Carradine... I haven't checked since he died, but I wouldn't be surprised if your photo isn't there now.

Cristiane said...

Awesome :D