Saturday, March 15, 2008

Post 113

I had a disturbing dream this morning that I was at a comic convention, and I ran into Carrot Top. He was angry that I was afraid of how freakish he looks nowadays, and then he injected himself with steroids and started to pump up even further...kind of like that guy in Big Trouble in Little China, and he started chasing me around with props that were torture weapons. I'm sure someone would ask what I ate last night, and the answer was spaghetti with mushrooms...I honestly don't know.

Quick explanation of this piece. The part on the left (line art at least) is based on a sketch from around 4 years ago. I was looking in my old computer folders (I've had my current computer for around 6 years now, so it has almost all of my artwork on it). I found an early wacom sketch from my second year of college, and then I re-did it and had fun with it.


Vinh-Luan said...

Now you HAVE to draw Carrot Top.

Craig Zablo said...

Crazy dreams and nice art. What more could we ask for?

Evan said...

Hey, thanks guys! Not sure if I really want to re-live that nightmare Luan...but maybe one day when I can face the pain head on. I'm going to Vegas this summer, maybe I should go to a Carrot Top show to confront my fears.

Craig-Craziness is about all you can ask for from me at this point. ;)