Sunday, March 02, 2008

Post 98

It's nearly 6 a.m., we just got back from Austin and Staple. I'll say more later. We left at 2 after the live art show/after party. Had TONS of fun...almost too much for one day. I have to say, it really helps to have a portfolio and business cards ready for once! Met a lot of new people. Also, I am such a fan of Kristian Donaldson, he is SUCH a nice dude. At this point he feels like an older brother.

Anyway, we JUST got our book in time (at 5 before we left for the show on Friday). It's stories by 4 artists (Jake, Luan, Matthew, and myself), and we each got 9 pages. I did a story in it and the cover, as seen with the post. So check it out, it's for sale at Indy Planet.

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