Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Post 180

I'm trying some different things with my drawing. I'm working on moving away from doing so many lines. I'm finding that I used to use a ton of lines as a catch all. If I didn't have something I'd pull from it, and it just created a lot of confusion. I had a ton of wasted lines when drawing the face, and it was at odds with the direction the body would go at times. So I'm going for outer edges of the form rather than building from the interior.

There's no reason to draw toes if the toes aren't going to be a part of the final drawing. I think that this is capturing more of the character I want in less lines. In the few instances of clothing on this page, I feel like it is actually on them rather than just adding some lines to a nude body, which gives more believable volume.

It's all about refining and tweaking the things that don't work, finding new techniques.

I got two new pens in the mail today, both Kuretake pens. The no.13 is just as beautiful as I could hope for, the other was quite a surprise. I was expecting yet another brush pen, but the Fudegokochi is not the same. It is more like a felt tipped pen without the bleed, almost plastic like, but it has strength and give. It gets some brush movement with the clean application of a pen. I've never been super comfortable with pens, but this one is pretty dang good, and hardly expensive.

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