Monday, September 15, 2008

Post 210

So, a few posts ago I was talking about coloring and everything. Well, here's some line art I did this weekend, and for those of you interested, I put up a hi-res file for download on Sendspace. So, I was nice and made some of the work easier on any takers. The line art is all clean and such (as clean as I get, I know, I know Matt). I even selected out some areas of line art with separate colors if you want to go that path, if not, just fill with black, no harm, no foul. The main character's been flatted, and so's the word bubble. But I'm seriously interested in what other people would do with my line art.

I'm serious, anybody who colors this, I'd love to see it, just post me a link in a comment here or e-mail me at

Other than that, doing okay, the weather's wonky and I've got a sinus headache. Things just didn't feel 'right' today.

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