Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Post 211

I decided to post my colored version of the pic for download..however, don't let that sway your attempts. This is how I interpreted the colors in the image, and I would believe in my heart that everyone else's interpretation will be COMPLETELY different.

Also, here's a new digital drawing. You might be thinking two things: 1)WHOA EVAN, those are some LOUD COLORS!!!! or 2) why didn't you render it more. Well, to answer the second question first, you have to know when to pull back, when it's time to not go overboard, which you would think completely contradicts question one. As for that, I like to think of this as subtlety through blunt-force-trauma. The colors speak for themselves and the lines give you just barely enough visual information so as to get the point across. I was going for impact over rendering, and you will sometimes find that that can be the case. A couple years ago, I wouldn't have felt this was done and would have done lighting effects and tons of rendering, but I was going against my gut. Now I listen to my gut instincts when it says it is time to stop...thus, this was the result.

I saw that a few people have already downloaded the hi-res picture. I can't wait to see any results!!!!

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