Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Post 214

So, I was talking with my brother about this topic, what's the deal with this. Granted, I'm not a continuity person in the least. I follow the art, and when a good storyline strikes, I'm all over it. But I find the fact that they've got Barbara Gordon in a wheelchair after all these years very sad. Characters in that universe are healing from things ranging from DEATH!!! Batman was paralyzed for a long time...but guess what? He recovered! So why, after all this time, hasn't somebody helped Barbara get healed up, anything from an experimental surgery to over the years her back has repaired itself, to alien technology, to nanites...tons of reasons. Is this done to capture a specific demographic? I wonder this because I feel like it's unfair to take away a character that I know for a fact tons of my friends and I really enjoy. Granted, I actually enjoy the new-er batgirl (the one in the gimp-gear), but to me, Barbara is the one and only true Batgirl that we loves to draw!

Anyway, rant aside, I've been busy getting ready for Baltimore. I've been painting, getting my portfolio together (a new 11X17 one that you guys hadn't seen at previous cons). I painted my messenger bag today, so I'm going to pack everything tomorrow even though I leave Saturday morning. I just want to enjoy this weekend, but I also want to make connections and a bunch of sales. Ultimately that's what I've spent the past few weeks preparing for.

So, not sure if I'll be able to get another post in before I leave, I'll try, but I can't promise anything!

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