Monday, September 29, 2008

Post 218

The Edward Scissorhands nearly killed me. I was handed the book with the instructions (just look at the reference book, you'll understand the theme). I didn't get to it for a couple minutes, so stupid me, I looked through it. Great page after amazing page...I mean, there was a fully gessoed page with a highly defined painting...what the heck?!!? So I gathered myself back together and did what I felt was my best at the time.

I really had fun with the batman pieces. The batman pieces were for a great collector's sketchbook, a normal/bizarro sketchbook. He had the coolest sketchbook ideas and his girlfriend made the neatest covers for them (painted, collaged, they were all pure class).


Dean Trippe said...

GREAT meeting you, dude. I think we had the same (super cool) repeat customers. NewJason and I were fawning over your sketches all day! :D

Craig Zablo said...

The Scissorhands has to be for Randy Martin. What an amazing collection he has! Your piece is a cool addition! Gotta dig the Batman pieces as well!

Evan said...

Dean-I totally agree man, I was so excited to talk with you in person man!!! NewJason was the coolest...possibly ever! I really don't want to alienate any other patrons, but seriously, that's how you create themed sketchbooks!

Craig-Hahaha, yup, Randy, and yes, his collection is AMAZING!!!

Miked! said...

Hey, this is Mike, proud recipient of the Batman/Batzarro sketches you did. Appreciate the compliments on the sketchbooks, but I have to thank you once again for knocking out great sketch after great sketch for all of my books. I've really fallen in love with your stuff since I met you at the con, and am now being accused of "stalking" you over the internet by my girlfriend, which is a similar reaction I had to Dean's work when I met him last year at Baltimore.

Speaking of my girlfriend, I'm sure I would hear it from her if I didn't credit her with coming up with the Bizarro theme, as well as of course the covers to the sketchbooks themselves.

However my passion for Animal Man is all mine... I doubt she'd take any credit for that particular obsession anyways.

Hope to see you at another con next year, I'll be keeping up with your work on the blog until then.