Monday, September 29, 2008

Post 217

Usually I do a long-winded con wrap up, but I gots to tell ya, I just don't have it in me right now. I am so tired from all the goings on of the weekend I just have to stumble forward. I met TONS of great people, especially long time heroes of mine, Cory Walker and Nate Bellegarde. A few paintings went, I have to get a few pictures of the commissions I did, but I'll put them up later.


CosmicPencil said...


I can't remember if you posted this, but what size are you doing those paintings at, and what type of paper are you using?
It seems like there are a few different sizes, but the layout on the table looks amazing!!!

Evan said...

Hey Matt,

The vast majority of these are 6X13 inches (the green monkeys and the batman and space chick). I wanted to use a size that would easily fit in the bag. The wolverine picture was 11X17. A few of them are also a bit of a different size around 9X13.5, things like that. The hulk is around 10X22, and the giant pink background monkey is around 19X23.

They're all on mat board, around 14 ply. The monkey ones I rolled out Speedball ink as a base color, which mixes well with the acrylics I use to create an oil paint appearance. For the larger ones I just utilized the original background color.

I have friends at some local art stores where they work in the framing section. So I get some remaindered pieces and then I just figure out what I want to paint on them.

I have these small canvases I want to work on, but I want to save them for special commissions. I may just do one to bring to Wizard World Texas as an example. I'm going to do a couple pairs of shoes to bring with me to sell. I think I'm going to start bringing a lot of paintings to conventions. At Baltimore, I had my portfolio set up, and not a lot of paintings could be set up, so people looked through the portfolio and moved on. But when I took the portfolio down and spread out the paintings as you see here, I got more interest and more people buying things.

CosmicPencil said...

The set-up really rocks. It's almost like an accidental composition, unless you put some thought in the way things were laid out.

I wish they taught 'procedures' for being successful at conventions when you have a table. I think every convention I head out to I always get some new idea for a set-up. I struggle between wanting a portfolio up there with stuff to sell or lose items.

I have some illustration board, but paint usually scares me. I don't know why that is. The Reverend Johnson turned me onto drawing on cardboard, which is really fun. I guess it's just more of experimenting and finding out what works for you. I still need to experiment some more on my sketchcards to find a procedure that works...

Thanks for the insight.