Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Post 232

So, I'm just getting back into the habit of playing around with things. I'm trying some new brush techniques and line application, working at 11X17 is a very liberating thing.

The painting of Daredevil was for my good friend Gambit (Adam) for his birthday this past weekend. We had a great time partying at Dan's place. Got to hang out with friends, my brother, and Stelfreeze. Got to paint in front of the man himself, and it was amazing! It really helped me get my mind back to a good productive place.

I've got my birthday coming up tomorrow, the big TWO-FIVE! Crazy, I feel older because of work! I have to work tomorrow on my birthday, and it's going to be a long day, not going to get to do any celebrating: A)I no longer eat sweets such as cake B)Lots of work, and meetings, and more work...I'm just going to have to live it up this weekend!

Also, got Wizard World Texas on Friday, I'll have a post of that on Thursday to give specifics and such!


andreas said...

holy shit, what a great post!
have a great next year and eating some cake should be alright.

Ian said...

Here comes the cake boaaaaat!

Happy birthday man.

CosmicPencil said...

Only 25? Ha! Wait five more years and then see what you feel like.

Great posts, although most of them I saw on the db. I am still a bit dumb-founded at the fact that you are only 25 and producing this level of work!