Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Post 325

This is a placeholder post for later in the day. Been up since 3, but I wasn't sleeping well anyway. Itching on my arms got worse than ever and more welts on my arms. It's been driving me insane, a great addition to my cold. I couldn't figure what it was. It didn't have any raised section where the bites occurred, and it wasn't happening anywhere else. So I thought contact allergy of some sort, then thought maybe it's from all the orange juice I've been drinking (I put a splash in water instead of drinking any sugar drinks, diet secret), but that's not it, then I thought maybe hives. Then I researched mites, and I'm dead sure that's what it is, or fleas, treatment is similar since it's contained to the area near the fireplace. So I've gotta' get a steam cleaner and get the area, if that don't work, bug bomb, but I want to avoid that, as it leaves poison everywhere. My latin teacher in 9th grade forgot to wash her sheets after a do it yourself bug bomb and got cyanide poisoning and nearly died. She swelled up, and had necrotic tissue from areas of skin that were killed by contact with the poison.

ANYWAY, back to the ongoing fun part (sarcasm)! I thought I was hallucinating from cough medicine and the constant state of not knowing whether I was awake, asleep, or in the midst of the many nightmares I was having, but I started to hear voices on and off, and I thought...oh great, now I've finally gone and done it. People think my art is crazy, now I'VE become crazy!!! Thankfully for me, that day wasn't today...I look out the window and see some po-po driving around and yelling at a guy "come over here...get down." So at first I thought it was maybe a scripted impromptu performance of Arnold Schwarzenegger's greatest hits...but about 15 minutes later they come knocking and tell me that people are breaking into cars in the neighborhood to steal stuff. I don't leave important things in the car. You leave anything tempthing, they'll go for it. But still, gotta' see if anything was taken. Haven't gotten the okay yet, police are taking pictures, canvasing the neighborhood for one that tried to run. They caught one of them.

So yeah, great way to start the morning, so you'll understand if I'm a bit late with my daily sketch...thanks for understanding!


Craig Zablo said...

Whoa. What a day... and it's just getting started. Hope things take a turn for the better quick!

Vinh-Luan Luu said...

Do the welts disappear and reappear at random? If you can, try some antihistamines. I got a weird case of hives a few months back. No warning, no reason, just broke out. One pill later and it was over. I read that hives can be caused by allergies, stress, or uh, nothing. Sucked because i couldn't sleep from all the itching. Anyways, hope you feel better dude.

Ian said...

Sorry to hear about all that. Hope you feel better soon.