Friday, April 10, 2009

Post 328

I was talking with Kristian the other day, and he made a good point, I don't put up previews of sequential art I've done for things very often. I guess it's because I used to think that everything had a gag order on it, which to editors should be a good thing that I'm not waving around art. But since I wasn't told not to show any of the non-lettered art, I think it's a good thing to show that I'm not just doing pin-ups and sketches and webcomics. I CAN DRAW SEQUENTIALS!!!! Over the years I feel my storytelling has gotten really strong, ESPECIALLY with the story pictured above, which you can check out in Popgun Volume 4. Not sure when it comes out. Popgun Volume 3 however, came out this week, and I seriously suggest you pick it up, the first part of this story is in it (different artist, same writer, my boy David Hopkins). The first part takes place AFTER the second part (my story)...sounds confusing, right?! Well, it isn't, David crafted a really well structured, cinematic pacing to the way the story is laid out!

So, I did all the pencils, inks and colors on this puppy in the span of about a week, maybe a smidge less. I was very excited about it, by all means this is the biggest sequential book I've worked status and ESPECIALLY SIZE...pushing the 400 page mark on each volume. It's the most bang for your buck and easiest way to catch up on the new talent coming into the industry. Joe Keatinge and Mark Smith, both guys I've known for a while, started something really cool! New editors on the most recent ones, and I feel that each volume is getting better and better. Having helped Jake and luan with an anthology, I really don't know how it's possible to get one together at this scale in a short period of time!

So, between David, Luan (who lettered it) and I, we were the first ones done with our completed story, even with a bunch of re-sizing and changing lettering requests. I've kind of made a habit of that with projects like these. Show that I can be the first one done with a high level of finish, and then set the bar high early.

So, anyways, here's two pages of it to get a taste. I'll be putting up some more sequentials and in the process page shots from time to time now. Just to show you the fact that I am keeping up with a daily sketch blog, working a 40+ hour a week day job, AND I'm doing sequential pages weekly and keeping my deadlines! So, if you're an editor that happens to read this page, take all that into consideration!

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