Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Post 348-FCBD!!!!

Yup yup, Luan, Jake and I are going back to our old alma mater for Free Comic Book Day! We were asked to go and do sketches on FCBD at the Heroes4Heroes event, and we were more than glad to oblige! It's always great to go to our old stomping ground, get some good grub, hang out with cool people, and afterward chill in the square. Plans of hitting up the Recycled Books, and the flea market are a MUST! I might even splurge and get some ice cream, because it's apparently a Denton must that I have never had (quite the eggregious error on my part apparently)!

Either way, if you're near the area, come by and check us out. Honestly, once they said CAPE wasn't happening this year, I was depressed, but when we were offered this, it was a FCBD miracle!!!

So stop by and I'll do a free head sketch for you!

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Craig Zablo said...

Wish it wasn't too far for me to drive. Have fun!!