Monday, May 04, 2009

Post 353

Quick sketch of Dylan Dog! So, I got an iPhone yesterday, and spend a good part of the day setting things up on it. Then I get to my RSS reader...nobody is updating!!! What's the deal?! This hasn't been a once in a while thing, I might as well stop checking in a lot of instances. I think outside of me, Craig and Benito updates their blogs/journals the most of things I read. I mean, I know people are busy using twitter (I hate the term tweet, ESPECIALLY as newscasters continue to use it). But I use twitter, facebook, I go to two messageboards and update regularly. I update here EVERY-SINGLE-DAY! PLUS, I get pages done (just can't show them to you guys until they near release), and I'm doing a webcomic, plus a bunch of other things besides the dayjob.

I know it's pretty crazy to call people out, but I'm calling people out!!! Lets see some more updates on what you're doing. It's called networking, and it's what's taken me from an ABSOLUTE nobody to a SEMI nobody. That's an infinite increase of progress!


Benito said...

Yeah, I'm also pretty pissed at the semi-death of blogs.

I need shit to do, you know?

Evan said...

I'm still down for this format man. Twitter is just the shameless self promotion that goes on in blogs, but without the substance like art, or the exploration of the medium. I personally think it's a cop out. Then again, a lot of guys have moved to deviantart. I've tried multiple times but until they get a batch image uploader, I don't know if I want to get back into that. Plus, dealing with hyper-critical 13 year old armchair art directors doesn't sound all that appealing!

Craig Zablo said...


I totally agree with you! [You knew I would on this topic.]

I look at Twitter as a quick "headline" fix for my blog, but not much more than that.

Deviant Art is a cool site. I set up my Stallone gallery there after John Beatty kept hyping the site and telling me to. I was hesitant since I'm not an artist, but was welcomed. It is a cool place. You should give it a try... just don't abandon this spot!